Asphalt yellow belly

I got myself a super enchi ivory poss leopard in the hopes of working towards enchi mardigras and banana enchi mardigras one day. I happen to be in the right place at the right time, maybe, one day and picked up a asphalt yellow belly. The owner is betting on asphalt. There isn’t a sure way to tell besides proving him out is there? I don’t want to waste my time letting him grow up just to turn out a yb. I’m fairly new to this so who better to ask then all of you🙂


asphalt and yb act the same. You would have to prove it out otherwise its only a guess.


That is what I was afraid of lol. Thank you


As Kristin notes, Asphalt and YB are nearly impossible to tell apart from just appearance. You would need to breed out to know for certain (or buy an animal that was produced from a SuperAsphalt)

No way to tell until you prove him out. Should be easy though if you have an ivory.

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Yeah I got my ivory, thinking about selling my asphalt yellow belly and just getting a guaranteed so I don’t have to waste a year proving him out

I agree with the above, and would have to use supers if I were to get into Asphalt as I cant tell the difference,
but this video might help a bit, at least to start us thinking if there are slight differences some people might be able to see.