Assist with clutch ID please

Pairing is Pastel, Pinstripe, Het. red Axanthic, het. Hypo. X Super Pastel, Hypo.





5 Unfortunately in shed :frowning:

6 Also in shed. The timing is unreal.



Full clutch

Sire and Dam

Thanks guys!


Before I try to identify, I like that you used het red, a very under appreciated morph in my opinion. Also with a very nice super form! Ok so my best guesses are:
1: pastel, pin, het red, het hypo
2: pastel, hypo, pin
3:super pastel, hypo, pin
4:super pastel, het hypo
5:super pastel, hypo, pin, het red
6: pastel(super?), pin, het red, het hypo
7: pastel, het red, het hypo
8:super pastel, het hypo
Could be off, not a lot of work with pin morphs personally, (will change that this season though hopefully)

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I agree! I kind of fell into working with het red by accident, but now i’m basing a project around it. Looking to produce some supers in the future. Having a hard time specifically seeing the het red on the pins though.

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I agree, but I think it is also the pastel, which can also create a busyness in the side pattern making it even more difficult. Otherwise I see the het red pins looking similar to a jigsaw type pattern (Mojave pinstripe) probably not as extreme though. There is also so much variety in the het red individual snake, some look like a weird normal, and some are extremely different patterned and super dark. Great thing though when you add het red it never overpowers the other genes, and even in super form won’t wash out everything! That’s why I love to use it! Which ones of these beauty’s you holding back for yourself? I personally love 5,6 and 1 myself!


I’ll get some more shots of 5 and 6 once they’re done shedding. If 5 is the all gene i’ll be holding onto it, either to replace the sire or to continue the move towards making full red Axanthics.

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Snapped a pic of 5 and 6 now they are out of shed.



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I think I will stand by what I originally stated.
5:super pastel, hypo, pin, het red
6: pastel(super?), pin, het red, het hypo
The only thing that I am not reasonably sure on is the pastel, they are both pastel and I think by the faded dorsal and head of 5 it is probably super pastel, but 6 being a darker color with the het red and without hypo, it is hard for me to say super pastel, it may just be pastel. But dang I like 6 s pattern even more then 5, too bad it wasn’t hypo, that would have definitely been a holdback for me! They are both great animals, both in looks but genetically as well, you are right to keep 5 honestly since it is a visual recessive! Nice clutch! Very interesting in my opinion!

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Indeed! I really like the “dirty” stripe on 6, too. Holdback qualification for me is HRA and visual hypo. So 5 will be staying with us i think. As an aside, do you think lack of interaction on this thread is indicative of the low number of people having experience with HRA? I’ve noticed it isn’t super “popular”.

Yes het reds, green pastel, Lori morphs which are all the same or similar are older morphs and not as popular for sure. That being said look at some of the amazing things Corey woods does with it! And in my opinion once you start adding a lot of morphs in to a snake it is easy to just completely wash out a snake, with het red it is a great addition, doesn’t usually wash out a snake and sometimes subtle, but can make your morphs just stand out more with it then others without it.