Babies are so frustrating

I had two clutches of ball pythons hatch back in mid-June, all of the babies are at the very least eating live adult mice, some have already switched to f/t mice and now a few are on rats, that’s besides the point.
One of the babies has killed his mouse the last two wks and another week before last and then not eaten it. He looks and looks for it, the head was just in his mouth! Then gives up and just doesn’t eat! He’s in a 6qt. tub just like the other 13 babies, yet he’s having a problem, he’s not a morph to have problems, a Leopard lesser Yb. He has a hide on the warm side, 87 on the warm side, 75-76 on the cool. Is he just trying to get the hang of eating? It’s weird because before he started doing this, he had eaten two meals before perfectly normal. Any advice is appreciated :grin:

Just offer him prey every other week until he eats consistently. Also I would suggest keeping his prey on the smaller side so if he decides to eat it backwards, it won’t be an issue.