Ball Python clutch Mystery

Hey all! I’m new to the scene of reptile breeding and see, to have gotten myself in a bit of a snaffu. I’ve had a great season of eggs and now it comes down to the struggle of figuring out what is what! I did well for my first clutch last year and got in over my head this year.
The first clutch is a Firefly bred to a Banana Kingspin. Six lovely babes and I haven’t got a clue what they are. So if any experienced breeders have some insight and knowledge I would love to hear it!

My second clutch was a Mojave with the same Banana Kingspin. My hopes were to get lucky and have my first ever BELs. Unfortunately the odds were not in my favor. I know for sure that two are normals. One looks like a normal but all the orange blushing says different. But here they are!
Uploading: E2A2D226-BAA6-4D05-8978-3B4AE28B4A8E.jpeg…
Uploading: 28570BF7-CBF2-40A3-9963-99B598D1D5E8.jpeg…
Uploading: 5098B984-A69D-492D-87AF-1241A64C2166.jpeg…
Uploading: 437447E6-3882-477E-89CF-4D1BF0F65F22.jpeg…
Uploading: 0194B868-CEAA-42A2-970D-2C41AB042EC4.jpeg…

Feel free to let me know any suggestions!

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My first bit of advice will be to let the animals shed out. The baby skin actually hampers ID and the animals have also not finished pigmenting up properly before that

Second piece of advice would be for pics in a bit better lighting. Natural light on an overcast day is great.

That said, tentative ID are as follows:

Banana Fire
Banana Fire Lesser
Banana Pastel Pin
Banana Fire Pastel Pin

Pics from your second clutch are not showing up for me so I cannot help there


I don’t think you let the second clutch photos load before you posted

I would agree with all your identifications but one the pastel looks like it had fire as well to me. But I’m agreement on waiting for them to shed to know for sure. Maybe not the more I look at it would like to see them post shed and not shiny.

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So here are the pics of the first clutch shed out that I took today. Hope these are better?


My bad on those not loading! The second clutch is in blue right now. These are multiple pictures of the second clutch. 7 snoots in total.


Again, your pics are less than ideal for helping with ID. This thread might help a little but I will add to it that I feel point #3 applies to all ID requests and not just YB.

I would also advocate a more neutral background and closer pics of the animals themselves.

It is vastly easier to make an ID when the snake is the majority of the picture, like this:

Than when the snake takes up less than 15% of the image, like yours here:


Ah alright. Well thanks again! Learning bit by but. I’ll try again soon.

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