Ball python clutch questions

If I were to breed an enchi lesser scaleless head to my scaleless head het pied and they produced a clutch of six good eggs, what would the babies in those six eggs most likely be?

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Odds gods like to mess with people, but the math says out of 6 eggs:
3 males (50%)
3 female (50%)
3 will have enchi (50%)
3 will have lesser (50%)
3 will be full scaleless (50%)
3 will be het scaleless or scaleless head (50%)
All will be 50% chance to be het pied

Combos of those odds are where it gets weird.
I hatched one earlier this year, that if you computed the odds of saying “that egg will be this” before it was laid, your chance of being right would, mathematically, be like 0.00125% or something like that. But it was just the accumulation of a bunch of 50%. But Mother Nature likes for life to win, so she cheats…

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Got it! Definitely gonna get that scaleless head enchi lesser then!

this is the possibly


Raw bet, by math

.50 × .50 × .50 = .125 = 12.5%

Add in another .50 if you want to bet the sex. :laughing:

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Also, don’t forget, you’re betting you get 6 good eggs to go full term. My lucky girl this year was from a clutch of 5, 3 fertilized eggs 2 slugs. But only one of the fertile eggs developed a full set of veins and went full term, mostly… :cry: But I hit female and 3 genes and the visual recessive, so now if the little premie will just survive… :pray:

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The odds actually are better than the calculator shows, because it ticks everything in the basket. So the calculator is adding in the chances for het pied.

Not really. Scaleless head to scaleless head would mean that only 25% of what is produced could be super scaleless head. 50% would be scaleless head, and 25% would be normal. That would be the correct odds.

1-2 eggs would be super scaleless head
2-4 eggs would be scaleless head
1-2 eggs would be normal.

Now you could be lucky and get more supers or scaleless head, or ‘unlucky’ and get more normals and no super. Odds are never guarantied.


You are absolutely correct! :+1:
I don’t know what I was thinking, brain fart on my part. :exploding_head:
Good catch.

Still, good odds for most of it, but hitting the full spread is always tough.