Ball python feeding Weaned rat to XL Mice

I’m switching my 800 gram Ball python (just purchased) from Live weaned rats to Frozen/Thawed mice due to having so many mice. Any issues that Could arise?

I would imagine it’s just like switching from mice to rats. You may want to introduce pre-killed/frozen weaned rats first. The reason being is that the snake is already eating one prey item that is live. You want to make sure that the snake develops a strong feeding response beforehand, so switching to a pre-killed/frozen version of what it’s already eating will make things easier. Are you planning on feeding mice for the rest of the snakes life? If not, I wouldn’t even bother making the switch.

Usually I recommend a step by step to make the transition easier for example if I were to do what you are planning to do, I would do rat to mice and than once switched live to f/t or the opposite.

Going from a specific type prey that is live to a different one that is frozen could prove difficult especially with an older animal (the younger the easier to switched)

The good thing that you have going for you is that you want to switched to mice which are usually more enticing due to their smell.

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