Ball Python Hatchling ID

Produced this little girl from a
1.0 Pastel Lesser Leopard Fire Pinstripe x 0.1 OD Yellowbelly

I believe she is a least Dragonfly (Fire Pastel Pinstripe) but she is bright orange and has a lot more pattern.

What do you guys think?


Do you have pictures of the rest of the clutch to compare her to some of the similar stuff?

I would agree I think she may have yellowbelly as well.

Only other possible pattern changing gene would be leopard and she’s definitely not that.

Orange dream I’m not good with someone else maybe of help there.

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Here was the clutch.


Nice clutch! I personally would say it’s pastel fire pinstripe yellowbelly.


So here is a sherberyfly super pastel fire pinstripe. Kind of looks similar.

Is not possible in there pairing.