Ball Python Morph

Does anybody know what this guys morph could be I have a normal female and he looks nothing like her?


Looks like a cinnamon lesser. Very nice snake!!!

Looks more like a cinnamon mahogany to me

Ya idk what I was thinking lol. Definitely a cinnamon mahogany.

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Cinnamon is in there for sure with that being the only picture it’s kinda hard to tell otherwise.

Agree better pics would help ( natural light and a full body shot.) Most mahogany combos don’t have an eye stripe or at least very little eye stripe, so i am thinking not mahogany but maybe a gargoyle (cinnamon het red)

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Hes about to shed but I tried to get some different pics maybe this would help a bit better to figure out what he is thanks for helping me out

Put up a couple more pics maybe you can see his morph a bit better thank you for helping me out

I have a cinnamon black head that has similar patterns on the sides, but your boy’s head isn’t dark enough in the head for a BH. Do you know the pairing to produce him?

I dont know anything about him I rescued him he was in really bad shape when I got him. I have seen a few cinnamon mahoganys that look just like him but I have also seen a cinnamon bongo that looks like him also

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I can’t really help ID this one beyond cinnamon, but good job rescuing him!