Ball python won’t eat

I bought a 1.5 year old male ball python and have had him for about 4 weeks now and the breeder said he eats live and I’ve tried live and frozen thawed and he don’t want nothing to do with it, is there anything y’all can give me advise on or is this due to it being breeding season and that’s why? But I am not breeding him. Or is this just the ball
Python going on food strike.

They hate hate hate change. So I wouldn’t worry if your husbandry is on spot. Give him a lot of time. As long as he isn’t losing weight he is ok. Maybe skip a week or 2, don’t even open the tub unless give give water every few days, then try.


Correct. To add to that when you do attempt the next feed offer a slightly smaller prey item and step him back up after he’s on routine again. Also I often have males go off food during season even if I’m not using them that year. If you have other animals there he’s definitely aware of their scent.