Ball pythons SOS

Hello, I have recently received a ball python as a foster animal and I’ve noticed he was very poorly treated & had health issues, when we had gotten him he had over 5 layers of shed stuck on him but we managed to get it off safely, but I’ve noticed the bottom of his throat is very dark & he’s been sitting with his mouth open more and more occasionally, I plan on taking him to a vet but I wanted to reach out on here first to see if others have had this issue & how they managed to treat it

It is hard to tell from the photos but if it was poorly treated previously I would think scale rot/moth rot/ respiratory infection and any combination of them is a possibility.


From what I can see of the lower jaw I am inclined to agree with mouth rot, and the liquid coming out of the mouth would point toward a respiratory infection (unless it had just taken a drink, but even then it should not be drooling that much)

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From how bad the snake looks, only a vet can treat it with antibiotics. I recommend getting the animal off loose substrate and onto paper towels as well. From how bad it looks, keep in mind it might not be able to recover and prepare yourself for that. Also prepare for a lot of money being spent on its testing and treatment.

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Thank you so much everyone, I took him to the vet and they gave him an antibiotic shot & he’s been looking better day by day, I have to go in on Tuesday for his second doze


savanna1357 I am glad it is doing better😊