Bamboo HRA Female

Holy cr*p what a combo, I thought it looked good in the picture, but dang its another world in person! Last snake purchase for me (or so I say). Was one of the 4 adults i picked up to start things off while waiting for babies to grow. Unfortunately she was a shy feeder, so she is underweight, and double unfortunately she was on live ASFs. So now comes fun times of trying to get her to take F/T rats. -_-’ ill give her a little bit to warm up and settle down though


Really like how the bamboo doesn’t overpower all the pattern like it can in some morphs! I think the red axanthic are very under used and are a real nice fit with just about any morph, I use mine every breeding season still! Good purchase, awesome :snake:! Good luck switching over to rats, asfs are hard to come by in my area, might get one to keep alive and use its dirty bedding to scent the rat. Also I have heard they sometimes switch over to mice easily, which I know isn’t ideal for a female but mice are easy to find.


Fair, i need to stock up on mice anyways. I have a juvy carpet python that will only take mice and i ran out last week.

As for an ASF to keep alive, i have so many animals haha, but honestly that may not be a terrible idea for scenting to make the switch!


So unfortunately, thr couple of red spots i noticed when she came in turned out to be scale rot. Looks like somebody else gets some fun with betadine baths and vetericyn -_-’

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