Bamboo hypo and pied

Would adding hypo to a bamboo pied bring back the other normal pied colors? Or would I just end up with a shiney white snake with a brown head stamp?

I’m not an expert, but bamboo ghost and bamboo mystic look like this

Pale and paler since those hypo genes are reducing already pale bamboo, but still with visible pattern. It may actually look amazing when combined with pristine white of pied


Thanks for responding!


I’d guess you’re right in your prediction. I’d also guess that adding enchi would increase the odds of lower white pieds (like it does in other BEL genes) so you end up with something with more color for the Hypo to affect.


It comes out to a mostly white snake.

Adding Hypo to a Bamboo Pied which has little pattern on the head will make that pattern more faded and will clean up the white.

To add pattern my guess would be Enchi (just like Enchi Lesser Pied have pattern whereas Lesser Pied are White)

The pied gene over power a lot of mutations.


Thank you for your response!