BEL HGW combo

Has anyone made a BEL HGW ?

If so can I see a pic preferably with black light on it if that effect helps.



I doubt it, as to guarantee there is HGW in a BEL it would need to have been a super HGW that produced it, which is lethal… If I’m correct.


Super hgw has been hatched but is generally considered lethal. You could pair a soul sucker x lesser. You could get a super lesser hgw. Hgw isn’t part of the bel complex.


Sorry, looking back I worded that badly.

I meant because BELs are completely white and HGW isnt likely to change that much.
I wasn’t meaning to say that a HGW BEL can’t or even doesn’t exist, there is probably loads already out there, they just wouldn’t be ID-able without breeding.

But still you are right, your pairing could produce HGW Bels, but we would have the issue of working out which BELs in the clutch had HGW and which ones didn’t.


Ok so the black light trick doesnt work on all BEL morphs?

I’m honestly not a believer in the black light technique at all. One of the reasons people try to not hatch bels is because there is zero way to identify genes accurately. I have a few bels in my collection and until you breed them you will have no idea if it’s a 2 gene super form or 8 gene powerhouse.


Mystic Lesser HGW

It has a white ‘ghost’ stripe down it’s back you can see with the naked eye in the right light

HGW is a wobble morph. Even wobble morphs that have ‘no visual wobble’ can be easily ID’d.

Put it on a hard flat surface and watch it’s head for tremors, they all have them. Works on any wobble morph.


Mystic lesser can have a stripe without hgw. A lot of bels without hgw have a stripe. The wobble could definitely be an indicator.


The blacklight trick can occasionally work with pattern morphs in BluELs but it is more difficult in the cleaner ones like SuperLesser and SuperBurtter. It never hurts to try but it still may not help

Ask me why I never did my Butter Enchi OD Pastel YB x Butter OD Pastel Woma YB pairing…

I will go one further - ALL BluELs will have a dorsal stripe. I have yet to see one that does not have some ghost of a stripe


A less than 1 in 1024 chance of hitting a BluEL Super Orange Dream Super Pastel Super Yellow Belly Enchi Woma… Just for it to look like a BluEL :metal::metal: I say go for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For anyone wanting to see Travis’ pairings potential output…


The point was that, that specific snake has a white ghost stripe. The mystic lessers produced in the same clutch had yellow stripes. The pairing was Soul Sucker x Mystic.

Yes but it’s not the hgw causing the striping. The snake I posted was mystic lesser with no hgw. And the stripe is white as well.