Best cheap beginner snake that can fit in a snake rack thats not a garter or ball python

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I second this, I keep boas and pythons (Dwarf Boas are a good pick too, tho vary in price and need more vertical space) and House Snakes are on my short list for next species. I can’t keep Retics as they are illegal here (support USARK) but AHSs seem so cool and are closer to Elapids like Cobras than Colubrids! Especially the pretty ones lol.


My vote is for rosy boas & sand boas. & Ima mention Solomon island ground boas. As long as you get an established feeder. They are better ball pythons!


Putting a long, active snake like a corn in a rack is kinda depressing. They can grow 4ft+ and really like to explore and travel their enclosure. Even a 41qt is going to be pretty small for an adult. I use racks for balls and some other species, but not rats/corns


x3. My house snakes climb branches a lot, but also spend a lot of time burrowing in their bedding. They also would fit more comfortably in a 41qt rack than other species, especially the black or browns (fulginosis). My cape female is a decent bit bigger than my black females

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I know full well how corns behave as I kept one for over two decades in a large naturalistic viv

That does not change the fact that a sizable portion of corn keepers (and kings, and rats, and milks, and hognose, and < insert whichever species here >) use racks

The question was not about the moral/ethical side versus the practical side and we do not shame people for keeping under either process here. The OP asked a very specific question and that was what I answered


The dimensions which the OP gave do allow space for branches, rocks, and other things. This effectively expands the available area for a snake to climb on, explore and utilize. While I’m not familiar with the day to day activities of all the species mentioned, I can definitely affirm that corns and rat snakes enjoy climbing and will make use of any such enrichment opportunities. This is true for my adults as well as my babies.