Best methods for screening potential buyers

Booplesnoot here, because all topics demand at least 1 picture for viewing :slight_smile:

I am putting this under all reptiles, as i believe its a subject that is fairly universal. However, for my particular case, I plan to do a pairing that will produce some scaleless snakes this fall, and I want to screen any potential buyers to ensure they have a basic level of experience with troubleshooting husbandry, as well as basic illnesses and conditions that may arrise and what their signs are. Because scaleless is not a hardy morph, i want to do this to protect the snakes, as well as my reputation (i would love to say that its only for the welfare of the snakes, but in honesty, if i sell snakes that fail to thrive, not all buyers are willing to attribute that to their own level of care of the animals, and will instead blame the seller. I want to screen regardless for the safety of the animals, but id be lying if i said that were the only reason.)

All of that being said, how have you guys gone about this? My plan is to ask for pictures of their setup, as well as asking them questions that should be easy with a little bit of research. I plan to make myself available for questions after the sales, as i know having the seller i used available was a massive boon for me when i was trying to learn to care for them.

Is there anything i should avoid with this, or anything that has caused you all problems in the past as breeders? And for those of you who have only been buyers, at what point would a seller performing due diligence start to become offensive to you and create a poor experience for you?

Thank you all in advance for your input!