Better Organization for Saved Items List [#753]

Made a new topic per John’s suggestion.

I have some ideas that would also help further organize other areas of the Marketplace that John mentioned in his post.

Saved Items (previously known as the Wishlist)

Repeating the post I made in the old thread, I think allowing users to select ads (via a checkbox of sorts) and giving an option to delete them that way would help a lot more. The auto delete option can also be left in, for those who wish for a quicker cleanup option.

I’d also perhaps add a sorting function to the Saved Items list, such as being able to sort them by things such as:

  • Species
  • Seller
  • Age, Sex, Weight, Price, etc.

This would be particularly useful for someone who is looking to narrow down several similar animals to possibly purchase that best fits their needs/wants.


Putting in a vote to add this feature. I basically just want the same filter options that we have for all the different sale categories to be able to be used with my saved items list. It would be extremely useful.

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Since I don’t want to create a whole new thread, and I think its fairly relevant to this topic, could we have the ability to create multiple lists?
That way you could keep the lists more organized by creating a whole new one.


As above. Currently the only way to sort them is by page, as in if you’re on page 1 of your multiple page wishlist and want to sort by price, or age, it will only sort that page and not the entire list.
Also, if you go into an ad on your list and then back to your list, the list reverts to default. The ability to select traits on the wish list would be good, as well as being able to delete multiple animals by way of a check box.

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