Beware this person

So, there is currently someone in the BP section trying to trade backyard bred French bulldogs for Higher end BPs. DON’T DO IT. Anyone who knows dogs knows how much well bred frenchies actually go for, and someone who is willing to give a puppy to just anyone willing to trade a BP is not a “breeder”you want a dog from. Again, these are backyard bred dogs this person is putting out there as well bred quality frenchies, and clearly using their dog as a puppy mill in order to trade for snakes or whatever else they’re trading for. As someone very very involved in the dog world and a professional dog trainer, I recommend not getting any of these dogs :+1:


Thank you, the ad has been handled


Thank you for the heads up @devinm21096 :blush:

We actually received a whole bunch of reports regarding this ad from both buyers and sellers… which made our response much quicker than it would have been without any.

As @chesterhf mentioned, we have expired this and I have reached out to the seller to remind them of our rules.

While this is a straightforward one, for the future, here are some things to do in situation where there is a issue with a particular ad.

  1. If it looks to be just a error, reach out to the seller and explain what’s up. 99% of the time they will really appreciate you pointing it out as they likely didn’t realise the mistake.

  2. If it looks like a deliberate attempt to be dishonest, whether to a customer or in a attempt to circumvent their stores limits or our rules (like this), hit the flag button on the ad page.

When you send a report for a ad to MorphMarket Support, please try and explain the reason in as much detail as possible.

While we are constantly improving our knowledge of species and traits, if someone sends us a message with just “wrong traits” that’s not overly helpful. Tell us why you think the traits are wrong, what you believe it actually is and why you believe it has been listed the way it has.

Again thank you for keeping your eyes open for our community @devinm21096