Big hello to everyone frosty here from Uk

[Add a picture of yourself or your animals

I can’t find a picture of me holding a snake :snake: but I have this picture of my beauty granddaughter holding a purple passion .

Hi everyone, I’m jay but Knick named frosty :cold_face: so I go by that :joy:

I’ve been in to reptile since the I was able to walk, :joy: in the garden bringing in worms 🪱 and frogs :frog: spider :spider: etc . At 6 years old I had 2 slow worms (legless lizards) with a little help with my dad we successfully bred them . That day on I was hook on Reptiles and Amphibians. At the age of 10 I got my first ball python . I worked in a reptile shop from a young age helping at weekends until I was old enough to work there full time . I’ve kept and bred many reptiles over they year corn snakes , kings, garters , ball pythons ,boas , leopard gecko’s , bearded dragons :dragon: panther chameleons and many more . I’ve had a pet iggy too . I am knowledgeable but very open minded and always love learning . I’m not just set in my old ways . I got into breeding ball pythons :snake: morphs around 2009 and have been in and out of it since . I have about 120 ball pythons :snake: at the moment. Had some fantastic seasons and looking forward to this coming season. I be honest with you I’m obsessed :star_struck: with reptiles ball pythons :snake: in general. I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I’m still learning , we are all learning every day . Open minded, knowledge is the key to success. Always there to help , advise others I love the hobby and I like to gain more friends that share the same obsession.



Welcome Jay to the community! What a beautiful photo of your granddaughter and purple passion. How did you get the nickname Frosty?


Welcome to our community @frostyboids! I hope that you find we are more like a big well functioning family. Definitely feel free to post pictures of your animals, but don’t feel pressured to of course. We would just love to see what you have.


Hey Jay, great to have you on here.

I come across your store a lot while browsing and you have some lovely animals. Please feel free to share as many pictures as you’d like.

Strangely this is why Jay stuck out to me here. I had 2 unrelated friends as a kid nicknamed “Frosty” and worked with a 3rd a few years back… all of their second names were Frost… like Jay’s.


Welcome to the community :grin:


Who wouldn’t? That’s an awesome name!

Super cool! Love seeing the kids involved with reptiles!

Welcome to the community feel free to post pictures of your collection!


Welcome to the community! You’ll love it here.


Thank you kindly for the warm welcome :pray:t2:. My full name is Jason frost . Jay and frosty are what I’m mainly called by . So that’s when I came up with the name frostyboids . I will continue posting up pictures for you to see . Thank you for the kind words .


Welcome! Always good to get more involved with the community! Gods know the reptile hobby needs more togetherness and less in fighting, so its great to hear you have an open mind :slight_smile: not everybody is right, but there are always interesting theories and data to listen to if you are willing!


I’m in the UK also :blush:

Love seeing kids with reptiles, warms my heart! My daughter enjoys them just as much as I do which I’m very happy about! Hopefully when she’s older she still loves them! :grin:


Hi and welcome.
Sounds like you have had a wonderful journey, enjoy the journey, it never ends :slight_smile: