Bio active Enclosures?

How do you guys feel about my enclosures ? Not nearly as cost efficient as a tub and paper setup but hey I like to think of these as works of art.

I’m currently housing my Tremper Albino male supergiant leo in the smaller glass while I keep my banana orange dream het pied bp in the larger glass. Give me feedback anything is accepted !


My only [slight] criticism would be that the biome for the leopard is incorrect and so you might see some negative effects over time.


Thank you, one question though, I keep the humidity ridiculously low outside of the underground hide of course, I just directly water the plants with a plastic syringe, does that change anything ? Or will the soil over time become saturated causing respiratory diseases ? I tried to get the most impermeable but still habitable soil, it’s the desert mix from The Bio Dude, And The larger enclosure is correctly set up right? Thank you for your help, all is appreciated.

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I do not know what makes up BioDude’s desert mix but it appears there is a significant portion of sphagnum moss in there. Sphagnum tends to hold and wick moisture very well so the amount of water necessary to keep a couple of those plants happy will likely result in fairly moist soil all around. I do not know that this will cause respiratory issues, but too much moisture perpetually can have negative effects.

Swapping out the two plans in the background for more dry tolerant species should make it easier to avoid the watering issue


I Appreciate you man ! headed to my local nursery this weekend, probably should take out that sphag moss too. Thank you for your knowledge and valuable information- I will post an update picture in time.


You can leave the sphag in there, just be aware of how much moisture it is holding so you do not end up with saturation