Biological Canvas Ball Python Breeding Trials

Exciting day here yesterday with my first ball python clutch ever on the ground!

6 eggs, 1 non-fertile

Parents: Pied (produced by Porters Pythons) x Pastel Dreamsicle (produced by Justin Kobylka)

Statistical probability of offspring:

50% Pastel Pied (Het Lavender)
50% Pied (Het Lavender)

Mom on eggs


6 nice eggs


Congrats! My 1st 2 clutches to drop this year are both from my carpets. Should start getting BP clutches in a couple weeks. Goodluck, nice pairing.


This YB Pied Het Lav girl is my second and last shot at another clutch this season. She had 4 confirmed locks with my Pastel Dreamsicle male, the last being on Jan 30th. He’s been paired twice since then and shown no interest. She’s currently spending most of her time bowl wrapping and squishing herself into the cool side. She’s mostly refusing food and has eaten just 4x in 2021. She seems very chunky for that amount of food and appears gravid to me. This will be an insane clutch for me so I’m really hoping she took!

1/8 shot at a Pastel YB Dreamsicle!