Black pastel x sterling bee?

So I had a female black pastel to multiple sires

I cut eggs this morning and I’m thinking she took from the sterling bee , my least favorite of the pairing potential but that’s alright.

Anyways on cutting there was one snake that was a purplish clear white that didn’t seem to have any pattern , unless it was upside down but curious if the black pastel / cinnamon / pastel spider combo would make that maybe a pastel 8 ball bee but haven’t seen photos of hatchlings of them. I’ll post photos in 5-10 days when they come out but curious on the purplish white one I saw with no distinct patterning.

Was hoping she took from my banana pastave het clown, hurricane het clown, or a killer clown but think I’m seeing spider in a few of them that I cut so most likely the sterling bee unless I got lucky and had one or two split clutch


I know what a pewter look like of course and there was one in the clutch based on cutting but this in question wasn’t that.

Silver bullet esque , possibility probably what it is

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Why put her with so many?..
Also they can take from multiple males also. So you could have a mixture…


They can dual sire clutches yes but not genes from multiple males in one snake.

As for why multiple , first breeding season and didn’t strategically plan as well wanted the excitement of deciphering the genes as they came out as part of a learning process as well but albeit that male would have been my least preferred , this clutch will be my least expensive so to say but spider can still make some cool combos , not all about the money as I have some other high dollar clutches , but yes would have made life a lot easier had it been one male or 2 max which is all mapped out going forward.

The snake in question was a purplish clear hue with no distinct patterning like all the rest so thinking picked up the black pastel, the cinnamon , and the pastel since sire was had super pastel.