Blocking out the tanks sides

So every time I go to a store, for some reason, they dont have the backgrounds Im looking for that can block out the sides of my lil mans tank. Right now, he just has a blanket over his tank, and its frustrating me to no end when I have to get in his tank to feed him/clean/etc.

Is painting the sides/back ok? Is acrylic paint ok? Should I just not even think of this and wait til I can get what I want?

You can paint the side I did this years ago, I simply painted the outside with a spray paint that adhere to multiple surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, glass.


I have painted the outside of a tank with spray paint, a Matt latex that is nontoxic when dry. It came out pretty good, used several colors.


Sounds like you could have a lot of fun with it!

I did have fun (even had my lil man help) and it turned out fine. I like it a lot, looks real good :slight_smile:


Another way you can do that is with a roll of window tint. Average cost $10-$15. Very easy to apply and easy to remove without having permanent paint stuck to your tank. I have done it many times with fish aquariums and it works great.


Dude that’s actually so smart. I didn’t even think of that!!