Blue Colubrids

Can anyone suggest to me a good non-venomous (including rear fang) blue colubrid that is actually available in the hobby? There seem to be very few of them and the ones that do exist don’t seem to be kept/sold. My dream snake is a blue phase Australian common tree snake, but since im not in Australia that dream will go unrealized. The almost blue species I am aware of are:

  1. Kunashir Island Japanese Rats (Not fully blue either with greens and browns mixed)
  2. Rein Rat snakes (Some can be turquoise i guess)
  3. Blue Beauty snakes (Not really blue)

The mostly blue non-venomous species that I am aware of are all racers and ive never seen any sold.

  1. Blue Racer (Mostly blue, but can be a bit gray)
  2. Buttermilk Racer (Although some pictures these have more white)
  3. Yellow Belly Racer (A lot of blue except belly scales)

If you can get your hands on a selectively bred Puget Sound garter, they can have a truly beautiful blue color.

Baron’s Racers have a blue phase. I also hear that Smooth/Rough Green snakes do as well though those are really hard to come by.

Thanks for the suggestions! Baron’s racers are rear fang venomous unfortunately. Puget Sound garters are definitely a possibility, but I was hoping for a more substantial snake size wise. As for the smooth/rough green snakes in blue I have seen some amazing shots of a couple, but from what I gather its extremely rare. I do know they turn blue when they die so most pictures of the blue ones are dead unfortunately. Im pretty sure I have a better chance at finding a blue racer than a blue smooth or rough green snake.

Ah, I was a little confused by the wording in your first post so I apologize. Technically garters are rear fanged as well, so I wasn’t sure if you meant including as in you were considering rear fanged as well since some were already on your list.

Sadly a true blue color is quite rare, I understand your frustration. I settled with a nice blue phase Puget myself and I can’t wait until he is full grown. I also have a really nice California red-side that will have some great blue/red contrast, she already glows!

Thats my bad lol. Somewhere in my head I knew they were but completely forgot. I fixed the original post now. Good luck with yours! Its funny because the racers are actually very common snakes, but just not in captivity since they got a bad rap for being defensive (which wild ones are). I have talked to a couple people who have owned them tho and said in captivity they can calm down a lot. Oh well. The search continues.