Blue Tongue Skink Identification?

TW: Skinny skink!

We recently obtained a blue tongued skink. We saw him at petco (ew) while using their cheap 1$ a gallon sale.
He was emancipated, dehydrated, and COVERED in mites. Currently trying to get him up to health.
Couldn’t leave him there like that so we took him home.
I just couldn’t leave him there.

He’s a sweet little thing and loves to cuddle. Especially in your hoodie pocket, and he loves laying on your hands. Sweet little baby.

I was just curious to see what BTS he was exactly? He has a cute little patterned belly - black and orange checkers kind of. But his chin is also a salmon orange. I can get pictures of that later if anyone wants to see!


I personally can’t remember how to identify, but for the people who do I think a belly pic would help (I think :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Looks like an Indonesian BTS. Maybe a Merauke. Both are caught in the wild, as well as farm bred, so this is likely an imported individual given a CB individual seems too pricey for Petco. I hope you didn’t pay for it, as that is just funding Petco and letting them get away with this kind of thing. Buying sick animals from these stores (as hard as it is not to) is the worst thing you can do for all the animals that are there. It also puts any animals you already have at risk.

Do they still have mites? If so, they should not be on substrate, and should only be on paper towels. Even if they don’t have mites, given their current questionable health, paper towels would still be best.


looks merauke to me

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Ah thank you! We are still learning, as we have never had anything other than snakes (even then, never a severe mite problem like this) but it does make more sense :slight_smile:
We are getting our money back, as unfortunately we couldn’t just walk out with him at that time. He also has a vet appointment come Friday :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input!

I am currently at work, but when I get home I will toss his current substrate and change it to paper towels :slight_smile:


What you have there is an Indonesian. Petco is notorious for selling those. I work at a Petco currently.

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