Boa Constrictors!

I think you mean Toadally awesome.


I got a fresh shed out of my Kubsch squaretail, Amy.

Lucy my DD RC Pastel Kahl girl was fired up today as well


Amy is definitely one of my favorites


All I can say is (@logar) TOADLLY Awesome boas! Amy and Lucy you gals ROCK!



Thanks @dsed and @caron!

Amy is a favorite around here too. That tends to change based off which tub I have slid open though :laughing:



You do have a very nice collection of boas there. Love seeing pictures of them.


Maybe I’ll take a crack at it after break!


Lol sounds good!!!


Pretty little jungle


Just shows how fast they can grow lol :joy:


Wow! I think willow is bigger than Rosalie. Absolutely beautiful


Yep! I can certainly understand that! :blush::sunglasses:


Thanks Tom, I appreciate it and back at ya. Love seeing the WDB develop especially :slight_smile:


She is 4 1/2 lbs and 5 feet now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man I missed a lot! I’ve been sick with some sort of bug for over a month now, so very little interaction with the animals outside of cleaning and feeding, despite the warm weather.

I could make a whole page running through all the boas posted since I was last on :rofl::rofl:, but that BCO is awesome @baby_yoda! @smite killing it as usual, and lots of other gorgeous boas posted as well.

Here are some pics I managed to snap before my motivation tanked and then I got sick.

Male het Kahl snow who really wants to be a visual anery.

Male hypo het Kahl snow who’s still up in the air as a holdback. He’s second pick hypo from the litter. :grin:

Male hypo motley het Kahl snow, who was being a bitey butthead that day. :roll_eyes:

Baby Spice, the only one named from the litter already due to her legendary attitude. :rofl:

Female hypo motley het Kahl snow. If she had been the male, I wouldn’t have had to keep the other one. :weary: But she’s too nice not to. She almost looks jungle, but her mom isn’t jungle to my knowledge and she’s the only one that has a jungle look.

Adrianna, looking fake. :joy: She really is that yellow irl, her buckskin is out of this world at this stage of her life.

Calcifer, doing a big stretch. Freshly shed iirc, too.

Guin, maintaining cinnamon bun pose. Lol

Aleister, also freshly shed here.

Arlo just being himself.

Eliana, yet another shedder.

Gemma, really trying to be jungle…surely one of my holdbacks from that litter can be non jungle. :weary:

Crona looking chunky pre winter fast. He actually did pretty well coming out of his tub, too, and only opened his mouth like a cottonmouth for one brief second. :laughing:

Howl being truly ghostly. Lol

Nymeria is now fully back to her starting weight! She feels as hefty as she looks now, and hopefully she’ll go for me again next fall with Aleister.

Valentina, freshly shed!

Jinzo, freshly shed and finally starting to get that jungle buckskin color.


Incredible group @ccboas! Sorry hear you were sick for so long. My family was passing around a fever/chest cold for the last month as well. Glad you’re on the mend.

Valentina is a knock out. Same goes for the other jungles you produced, love the buckskin/yellow coloration on Adrianna.
Is Alesiter one of your pastels from Corey? Looking great!


Yeah I ended up feeling good a couple days then had a second bout of body aches and illness, and my bf recently hit his second round. I’m mostly back to normal again now but still have a persistently runny nose.

No, Aleister actually came straight from RC himself! From one of his RC Kahl pairings last year. He’s 100% het Kahl. :grin:



Love all your jungle stuff, but Adrianna is my favorite. That yellow has to be killer in person.


She’s my favorite too. :pleading_face: I call her the gem of the litter, and Eliana is like her if she was also hypo. Haha I could pick out her potential from the goo, I was pretty spot on with my choices when I chose holdbacks. The other jungles that stuck around just don’t compare to the ones I kept back. Of course, I didn’t have any crazy red/orange coloring or anything in the litter that would undergo an extreme metamorphosis, just cleanness and contrast.

And here’s a group of newcomers. :grin: Next year I only plan on an IMG, another fire, potentially another anery motley male, but 100% het Kahl (or a snow), and maybe another unrelated female for the Kahl project. After that, nothing until my current holdbacks start producing. And I may cut some redundancy in the holdbacks, too. :thinking:

2023 “double dose” RR pastel poss het VPI when he first arrived. Super stunning boy, some days I open him up and he’s lit like a fire.

Post meal and fired up a little.

Most recent pics, and he was really fired up here. When my bf saw the jungle girl from Corey’s litter his response was “it looks like all your other boas.” But this one he was impressed by. :joy::roll_eyes:

RR pastel poss het VPI snow girl when she first arrived and in a light phase. A replacement for her sister who sadly was ftt. She was an extremely nice snake too, but she just wouldn’t keep weight on and then passed soon after our move. This girl may not be as nice, but she is still a fantastic snake.

Post meal and a quick spritz, in a dark phase to show off all those pinks even better.

Post shed and in an even darker phase. Lots of pics because this girl’s colors are complex.

Jungle poss het girl from Rising Sun Boas’ Spartarri project. It’s crazy how dark she is, and I have yet to see a light phase. :joy: And her saddles are quite red, I can’t wait to see her metamorphosis.

2017 Sugar pastel, produced by Kevin Blumenthal. This guy was absolutely out for blood the first month he was here, I don’t think I’ve seen any snake put as much force behind his strikes. :joy: Then he went into shed (as shown in the pics lol), and now he’s quiet and chill as can be. :thinking:

Female ferrari anery produced by Louis Cohen. :grin:

Male Ferrari anery, brother to the girl above.

2021/2022 VPI girl, very little is known of her history except she had a fire parent, and is another murderous snake. Lmao


You got a killer one! So that’s a sibling of my jungle boy Dude then.

Killer pastels you’ve got going. That last VPI girl is pretty cool looking too.