Boa Morph Quiz

The answers for 11-20 is up, but no one guessed so there is still time to put in your guesses

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Round 3 is going to be easy with only single morph boas!!

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Round 3 is up!
Super easy, and have fun :grin:
Maybe someone want to give it a stab.

Imma go with

  1. Motley
  2. Leopard
  3. Super fire
  4. Anery
  5. Blood
  6. ???
  7. Super stripe
  8. Roswell
  9. Img
  10. Albino
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Just to let you know they are only single morphs

Anybody else want to try??

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Round 3 answers are up :arrow_up:
But anyone can still guess if you don’t cheat :grin:

Round four is coming soon…all two gene combos all including Anery (type 1) because I love my Anery morphs.

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So I probably made that sound a lot more confusing then it needed to be.

What I was saying is that all the two gene combos will have Anery and then one more gene.

Also I have decided that every time I add a new round I’m going to change the logo picture

So it is different now

Hi guys it is the first so the fourth round is up!!!

Anery combos. The type of albino is important for this one!

Does anyone want to give round four a stab?

Please someone, tomorrow is the 20th, please just try :sob:

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I will let you know that they only have one more gene besides anery.

One of those have more than two genes though,number 3 :stuck_out_tongue: pm me

  1. Anery rlt
  2. Vpi snow
  3. Snow
  4. Anery img
  5. Anery Motley
    7.anery aztec
  6. Snow
  7. Anery Arab
  8. Anery fire

Edit idk why it’s messing up the order…


For some reason what I’m posting and what’s posting is way different so I just screen shot it lol

*change moonglow to snow

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Answers for 31-40 have been made available!

Just to let everybody know the next contest includes VPI albino with additional genes. Number nine and 10 are hard, good luck! :+1:

Let’s go guys! A new round is up!

And check out the new and improved logo!