Boa Morph Quiz

The answers for 11-20 is up, but no one guessed so there is still time to put in your guesses

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Round 3 is going to be easy with only single morph boas!!

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Round 3 is up!
Super easy, and have fun :grin:
Maybe someone want to give it a stab.

Imma go with

  1. Motley
  2. Leopard
  3. Super fire
  4. Anery
  5. Blood
  6. ???
  7. Super stripe
  8. Roswell
  9. Img
  10. Albino
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Just to let you know they are only single morphs

Anybody else want to try??

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Round 3 answers are up :arrow_up:
But anyone can still guess if you don’t cheat :grin:

Round four is coming soon…all two gene combos all including Anery (type 1) because I love my Anery morphs.

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So I probably made that sound a lot more confusing then it needed to be.

What I was saying is that all the two gene combos will have Anery and then one more gene.

Also I have decided that every time I add a new round I’m going to change the logo picture

So it is different now