Boa Prolapse?

I just went in to check out my 3 year old BCI and noticed the tail area looked swollen and misshapen. I picked her up to get a closer look and her vent looks awful. Is this a prolapse?

She defecated three days ago, and again yesterday. Consistency was normal, but I thought it was strange that it was back to back like that.

Our local exotic vet is closed for the night, I plan on bringing her tomorrow morning.


Ouch, that looks rough. Seeing the vet is definitely in order, until you can get her in, you can try giving her a soak in sugar water, which is supposed to help with swelling.


Doesn’t look like a prolapse to me, but it does look like possible serious infection and edema. Definitely vet asap in the morning. Honestly if you had an emergency exotics vet nearby, I’d suggest that.


Yes it most definitely looks like an infection going on. A vet visit is imperative. Antibiotics for sure and maybe a medicinal soak might be in order.

Poor girl! I am sure your vet will accommodate her.

All the best!



Ouch. Please let us know how things go. When one of my girls prolapsed this past summer, our vet recommended applying Preparation H mixed with sugar. (This was in addition to antibiotics and other meds.) This will help reduce the edema and possibly make your snake more comfortable until you can get her in. At any rate, it can’t hurt. Good luck!

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