Brand new to MM and reptiles

Hi, I’m brand new to MM and to reptile keeping in general. I have cats, fish and chickens, but have never had a pet reptile. I’m doing lots of research and am preparing for my first ever reptile, a leopard gecko! I haven’t picked one out yet; I want to research and learn how to care for him first, get his habitat together, and get him last. It’s a bit intimidating, but exciting too. There are many beautiful leos for sale here, it’s hard to choose. If anyone has any beginner leopard gecko tips they’d like to share, feel free! Thanks and glad to have found the community.


Welcome to the community.

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Welcome :blush:
When you get your little dude make sure to share some pictures.
In the mean time, make sure to show of the rest of your animals over here → Non-reptile pets


Hello and welcome!

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Hello and welcome!! :blush:

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thank you everyone