Breaking UK out of EU [#1562, DONE]

I see what you are saying about putting the filter on the dash board, but there is already the option to filter by country when you get to the specific snakes you are looking at under the filter tab. Do we really need two filter sections?


I believe untill We have the right information on how to import and export from EU to UK and vise versa, we should be mindful on buying from the EU.
I know a few people who have messaged the Reptile couriers including walkers and they all seem to not want to travel to the EU due to paper work… I understand everyone above who have said let’s not make the UK separate from the EU but what’s the point if we cant import from the EU?
Has anyone above read that we might have to quarantine animals coming into the UK?
Because I have (depending on species) and it states that animals may have to spend 48 hours- 40 days in quarantine at a nominated facility :scream:
This seems very unfortunate at the moment and I believe time will tell moving forward.
I also believe that the UK market will be stronger IF the importation of animals from the EU proves to be very difficult.


This is the only concrete thing I’ve been able to find so far…

An update from my side here. Breaking out UK from EU this year would be doable. We already have the distance feature requested above, but I still need to do more work to support better cross-region support. For example, right now there are no ads which are cross-region which makes them very separate. In the future (this year) a new feature would allow ads from breeders who can export to show up in those regions. At that point we could separate those regions without losing whatever commerce is possible. I plan to do the same with the US & Canada.


We’ve finally solved this with overlapping regions. It’s not an either/or.