Breeding Albinos Question

I know breeding an albino to another albino won’t cause genetic defects and it guarantees all offspring are albino. Is there any reason to avoid doing it?

It can have defects.

What defects are specific to albino to albino breedings that are avoided from albino to het albinos?

That was a short answer I gave last night before I went to sleep. I am not an expert or even what I personally would consider a breeder of ball pythons. I am a hobby breeder of a few gecko species. I know that there is the possibility of deformities or issues that might arise when breeding any mutation including albino. I don’t know what specific issues you might face with an albino to het pairing. I simply stating you can have issues with albino pairings. I know of a well know person in the industry that has a albino ball that has no eyes- as in none. No opening not that it can’t see. Just nothing but a head with no eyes. The animal is alive and healthy otherwise.

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There are none. You can get defects in normal ball pythons things happen. But in general albino x albino is at no greater risk than a normal x normal breeding.


I have done Albino x Albino more times than I can count over the years and I have never had any issues. It is an old wives tale that there is an increased potential for problems with them, at least when it comes to balls

In boas there is a known hazard in breeding one of the lines of Albinos (I think it is Sharpe but do not quote me directly on that), but that hazard applies to visual x visual, visual x het, and het x het. I spoke on it in some detail on one of my appearances on the Reptile Gumbo Podcast


Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say in a much easier statement. Issues can arise in any breeding of anything.

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Obviously issues can arise in any breeding. I was simply wanting confirmation that there are no genetic issues like one gets with say, a black pastel to cinnamon or a black pastel to black pastel. Which I now have. Thanks :slight_smile:


Which you can find here… A date with Dr Travis Wyman :blush:


If you vend they tend to be hard to keep on the table, people love em. I’ve had some sort of albino x albino combos breeding for a few years now. No issues.