Breeding Albinos

What is the best gene to breed with an albino to produce an amazing snake?

Many albino combos will have yellow bleeding in the white, IMO some of the best combos are the ones that do not.

Albino Pied while the yellow still bleeds in the white found in the saddles you have a nice Yellow and white contrast

Black Pastel Albino stays sharp and crisp


Most dark morphs mixed with albino give a nice contrast. Cinnamon, black pastel, GHI, mahogany all look great with them.

From what i’ve seen i think mahogany really makes albinos pop. But that is just my humble opinion :wink:

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Black pastel
Tri stripe

Any gene that’ll give you a visual that doesn’t look like an average albino

Thank you all for the ideas. You have given me some things to look at and consider what my next move should be.

Acid and Woma make spectacular Albino combos if you like ones that maintain contrast.