Breeding Groups for Next Season

I have been thinking pretty hard about who should go where in my groups. I really like the dark morphs and would like to be making more darks, but I also have other males to work with like my bamboo combo. I’m just not sure on a couple if it works them to their highest potential. Here’s my animals:

Individuals with a “✓” are mature enough to breed and “©” are close (ready this season or next).

Here’s my groups so far:

The single spider and normal are my questionable ones, I don’t know where they should go for sure. I also don’t know if I should keep the second GHI male as a backup since that’s a lot for just one young male. (Plus, he’s super pretty and my first snake sooooo… Lol)

(The secret project is just that, I don’t plan on adding any more females there because I don’t have room to keep all the babies. That one is 100% certain)

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