Breeding newb q's: Img x Img safe?

Is it safe to breed two IMG boas? I’m interested in working with IMG Anerys. I have a prospective female to pair up with my male right now and they’re both IMG. I’m wondering if i should go for a single gene Anery instead of this female to avoid a possible humane issue if breeding img to img causes issues or the animals just don’t thrive. Might be a stupid question, i appreciate the input anyway. Thanks in advance!


No issues with IMG x IMG. It’s a dominant gene so you can’t visually identify homozygous animals but there are no health issues.


Are you going thru with that breeding ? Curiuos about img x img


I will be in the future. I don’t think img x img does anything special. But to guarantee that all of my offspring are img I’m happy to hear that i can breed two visuals and experience no issues.

I’ll let someone with more experience confirm this, but with an IMGxIMG breeding you will still get 25% normals or non-IMG.


Thanks for the reply friends wasnt sure if i should attempt a sharp snow img X img motley het anery
If my purple sharp sunglow pos jungle wasnt getting it done