Breeding pair question

Hello was wondering what the outcome is when you breed a lavender albino to a monchino

The Morphmarket marketplace has a calculator. :blush:

Here is your specific pairing:

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That calculation is incorrect. It’s not accounting for the fact that these are compatible genes.

I know nothing on retics, sorry.
Any way we could get it corrected or is there something complicated under the surface?

So is there any way of finding out what these 2 will produce

It depends if the Mochino has the white albino gene or the purple albino gene. If it has the purple albino gene, it would produce 25% purple albino 25% lavender albino and 50% mochino. If it has the white albino gene it would produce 25% white albino 25% lavender albino 50% mochino. Either way, half of the mochinos would have the purple gene and half would have white.


The -ino is a hint (although not super obvious). @westridge explained it perfectly.

In ball python land, albino + candy = candino. Check the calculator :slight_smile:

He’s het purple , the person selling him got back to me and told me what I would get if I did breed the 2. I was going to get a purple albino but I love the look of the monchino so now I’m lost lol. My lavender comes next week I’m pretty pumped so pumped I’m already looking at getting her a buddy haha

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