Breeding Question

Hello, I have a female red harlequin crested gecko (with blushing, portholes and a couple of dal spots on her tail) and a male who I am not really sure of his morph (I think he is dark base partial pinstripe with ink and Dalmatian spots, but if anybody could help out with that too that would be great!). I am not sure if breeding these two would produce offspring that would be impossible to sell. Do you think they would be a good pair? Thanks in advance!




Straight answer: No.

BUT what are you hoping the outcome is of breeding? Are you doing it just because? Or you want to hold back?

Also imo she’s too prettty to waste, search for a nice clean tricolour or another Harley! :black_heart:

Male is a Harley partial pin dalmation.


I was mainly doing it because I thought Echo is pretty, I suppose. I would have probably picked one or two to hold back if I enjoyed raising and breeding them. I will have a look at buying a more suitable male for her.


I agree with ghoulish. Echo looks awesome but Chaos is not a desired gecko and you’ll likely struggle to sell the offspring.

Do you have lineage for Echo?


I know her parent’s morphs (father is bicolour, dashed pin and tiger, mother is a dark harlequin), and I could message the breeder to find out about grandparents. I don’t think her parents came from anywhere well-known but I can check.

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