Breeding size tub for hognose?

I have an adult female that I’m thinking of breeding in the future. She isn’t ready yet, and neither am I to breed her. However, she’s 225g and in need of a new tub. I figure I could get a tub that she could live in comfortably and when the time comes, is also big enough to introduce a male to her in. Is a v-35S tub big enough, or should I go for a normal 28qt with more height but the same floor space? She doesn’t like to burrow as much as my other hogs, I give her 1-2 inches of substrate to burrow in but she’s always on top of it. Will a vision tub work for her with less height, or should I go for a 28qt and give her more substrate anyway? I want her to be as comfortable as possible, especially in the future if I am to breed her and give her a lay box. Any advice on the size tub she should have?

I house and breed hognose in V35S tubs as for laying box I use tupperwares found at the dollar tree, the low profile rectangular ones from betty crocker work well also (also found at the dollar tree)

I actually just set this one up since this particular female had her pre-lay 48 hours ago.

For reference this is a 420 grams female she can still move around on the top of the egg laying box and this will only remain there for 3 to 7 days on average.