Breeding Western Hognose questions

I just started pairing my hognose. The male is proven and the female is a 3 year old virgin that weighs 234g empty. I fed her on the 11th, put the male in the 13th, and the female regurgitated on the 14th, I’m assuming from the stress from him being in with her as she’s never regurged before. He’s very persistent. My question is, when I feed her again, should I pair them again, or leave her alone and wait a few months? After she regurged she started her head bobbing and almost searched for the male before calming down. She’s a lot more active and head bobs alone in her tub. Would it be okay to pair them again despite her regurging, just give her an extra day or two to digest before introducing them again?

I have paired many animals of various species within 48 hours of feeding and never experience any regurgitation because of it, not saying it cannot happen but it might not be the cause either. Which means until she eats successfully without a regurgitation.

You want to give your female 2 weeks prior to feeding her next meal (that is very important) and that week I would just skip pairing her all together and see how she does with her meal. It’s not a race and her health is more important than her being paired.

I will also recommend that you feed a meal slightly smaller than the usual.


The behavioral signs after that, though, are promising. I hope you get a successful pairing!

If I feed her again and all goes well, the next feeding, should I wait an extra day for digestion before putting him in again, or will that put him at risk for her eating him?

Also, how should i feed her during breeding and when she’s gravid? Should I feed her twice a week while breeding and more often but smaller meals while gravid?

Again two week before feeding and no pairing for at least 5 to 7 days following this, you need to see how she does with the meal and if it happens again that means breeding had nothing to do with it which would also mean something more serious if it happens again.

I feed my females a regular size prey all the way until they lay, hognose will eat until the day before the lay, I do not feed adult female more than once a week and keep feeding the same size prey.