Burmese Python Traits

In preparation to promote Burmese Pythons to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.

For each of these, we need to know what kind of gene it is (recessive/incdom/dom) OR what combination of genes represent it. Feel free to additional lines and aliases.

Albino - recessive
Waterview/Wei Caramel - recessive T+ albino
Gulf Coast Caramel - recessive T+ albino
Granite - recessive
Patternless (Green) - recessive
Hypo - incomplete Dominant, super form is Ivory
Labyrinth (Lab) - recessive
Pied - recessive
Dwarf - not a morph, but a subspecies
Butter- unproven
Fader- non genetic
Lava- recessive
Pin - recessive
Scaleless - recessive
Silverside Butterscotch - a Dwarf morph, recessive
Smoke -


Bedrock / Leopard - this is the het form of patternless/green. Some show it visually, some don’t.

Jigsaw - this is the het form of Granite, some show it some don’t.

Striped - this is a random gene? that pops up in different heterozygous clutches.

Paradox - non-mendelian paradominant mosaicism


Pearl= Hypo Albino
Blizzard =Ivory Albino


I spoke to @bobclark and he said he believes all the traits are recessive except Hypo.

There are 2 lines of caramel, one is the waterview or wei line, the other is the gulf coast line. They are not compatible with each other, so should be listed as separate morphs, same way as the different lines of axanthic are for ball pythons.

Hypo is an incomplete dominant trait, the super form is ivory.

Scaleless is recessive

Silver sided butterscotch is a recessive morph that originated in the dwarf subspecies

Fader I believe was never able to be proven to be genetic, but I’m open to correction on that.

Regarding bedrock/leopard/jigsaw, these would be considered het markers, like het pied markers in ball pythons, I wouldn’t bother listing them as a trait, breeders can always just use these terms in the description if they wish.


Agreed with what was said above by Teddydalton

I proved Paradox as genetic. It’s non-mendelian paradominant mosaicism.


Honestly the first 9 in the top category is probably the only ones that need trait tags right now. Haven’t really seen the other ones in the states. I’d stop after dwarf. Can add more later?

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I also agree with this.

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I agree with teddy as well.

Looks like you’ve got everything pretty set. But to add to it Paradoxing has been proven to have a familial inheritance. And Champagne has also been proven to be recessive.
in regards to Smoke, Stonewash, Lava, Fader, and Butter. there is a language barrier that has been preventing a lot of information being obtained as these animals are not in the states currently.
And the other line bred traits I don’t think really need a subcategory as they are really just hets.


Also just noticed that the super form of Hypo the “Ivory” was not up there as well as Pearl which is a Hypo Albino.

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Yessss!! I’m stoked!! Looks like you guys got all of them!!

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Oh theres Sable! I believe it’s recessive. It makes black eyes…

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When will this go up?

Can’t say exactly. As soon as all the other things which are prioritized ahead of it are done. Hopefully in the next few months.