Buy now or wait until every ones eggs start hatching?

Ill be going to a reptile show next month I have general idea of what im looking for maybe ill see some thing that will fit into my breeding plans but im wondering if it would be more wise to wait until every ones eggs have hatched for this year and the market is fully saturated. The morph im looking at only has 15 listings on MM right now, none are exactly what im looking for.


What I’ve done in the past in similar situation is to contact the breeders working with the morph and ask if they are doing any pairings with it this year, and tell them what I’m looking for. That can give you a good idea on if there is even a chance there is something coming this season. With these uncommon morphs it’s hard to assume.

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One thing to keep in mind is people hatch ball pythons every month of the year so kinda tough to wait until everyone’s has hatched. I would recommend getting what you really want whether that’s at a show or online , today or 6 months from now. The main thing is don’t settle get what you really want imo.


I agree with Shaun - if you know what you want, get it.

For example, when I was looking for my first male I knew I wanted a pastave hypo. I also considered super pastels but after probably 1-2 months of looking I found the male I considered ideal in every category I had set up so I jumped on him. Could I have saved money getting the first snake that fit my genetic requirements? Probably. But I feel it’s important to look at more than just “does it have xyz genes?” Saturn was my first snake so feeding response was a major factor as well, in addition to the fact that he was well established on frozen thawed. I was also kicking around the idea of breeding back then as well, so I decided to get the most bang for my buck and pick out a male with strong gene presentation for pastel, Mojave, and hypo while also having what I consider good structure.

TLDR; if you know what you want, stick to it. It’s better in the long run in my opinion rather than grabbing the first baby you see.

Here’s a pic of my guy for tax lol


I definitely dont want to settle, that’s kind of why i might wait for more availability. Some snakes Ive seen online could work with my project but are not my ideal choice. Ive been looking every day on MM, supply keeps dwindling rather than growing.

No worries, a lot of babies should be hitting the market in the next few months since most people who follow the “conventional” breeding season have babies hatching out in the spring/summer. Only other thing I would consider is the combo you want - is it something pretty rare or more regularly produced? That’s going to really dictate how long you’re going to be searching since those rarer combos don’t always fit the bill. Best of luck and feel free to let me know what you’re after, I can keep an eye out for ya!


Ill PM you. But I will say Ill be pairing it to GHI Pastel Hypo.

Just my opinion.
Depends on your finances.
If you can afford it and see a really good example get it. There might not be the same quality available at the time after more eggs hatch.
If no amazing examples wait. But wait even longer for quality in this case.
Quality trumps just getting a morph.