Buy now/shipping cost zones

Hello, wanted to get some opinions and ideas about incorporating a buy now with shipping zones. I’m thinking of setting up a website and wanting to have a “buy now” button. However since every zip code is a different shipping price I’m not sure how to do this while not losing money by paying a lot of the shipping prices myself with setting a flat rate. Has anyone every tried or have been successful having some sort of “buy now” option with custom shipping prices for every zip code ? Any ideas? Any advice on making the purchasing process easier and quick?
I would love to hear any advice, ideas or experiences you all have tried! Thanks!

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I know it can be done, having seen websites that do. I wonder though if it would be better to do like teirs instead. For example, shipping $75 flat fee. Orders over $1000 ship free type of thing. It might encourage someone to even spend more if they are close to getting it shipped free. Right now On my own website and the marketplace I contact each and everyone that is interested and get there zip and go to ship your reptiles and calculate the exact shipping cost for them. Seems like a lot of work, but not bad unless you are doing higher volume sales. In which case I would do the flat rate thing.