Buyer problem

The seller sold me this girl about a month ago. She arrived dead. Now the seller won’t refund me till the shipping company resolves the issue.

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How was she packed? Any heat?
Assuming you’re in the us?
Is the seller on mm, what’s their terms and conditions?
If arrived dead they should refund you. Most breeders have arrival guarantee, and if they arrive dead they refund.
Unless is the shipping company’s fault? But even then the company’s don’t always do anything (found that out the hard way in the uk)

I’ll also tag @eaglereptiles as He may be able to help with what else to do.
As if seller is here hopefully something can be sorted.


If you send an email to MorphMarket support they should be able to start a dispute and help sort everything out.


This will get you where you need to be :)… Ill just quote the instructions from another thread recently