Can Abberant Patterns Be Bred?

So this can go with any reptile obviously, which is why I put it in the “All Reptiles” catergoy. But for me Ive only got examples of two corns that I’ve been offered as examples of Abberant Patterning. I want to get both and see if it’s something genetically they carry instead of being some kind of temperature fluke ect.

Any of you have any experience or ideas on this?

The two baby corns for reference on what I mean by abberant patterns. The red/orange is a normal with some Hets and the paler is a Ghost.


Certainly aberrant patterns can be bred for. Dorsal stripes and reduced pattern are frequently selectively bred in carpets. There are some crazy aberrant greybanded kings that have a thick stripe on them instead of being banded. I have seen zig-zagging be selectively bred a few different corn and rat snakes