Can anyone please help me identify the genes on these leos!

I really need help identifying the genes on these leos if you have any information please tell me!
thank youu


Hello,Thanks for the advice,these to leos are not related at all but have bred once.They are both bought from petsmart around 5 years ago,the darker one (carlos) is currently going into shed so his colors are obviously lighter.the lighter more pigmanted one (evie) has already shed.Evie is a female and carlos is a male.The female was listed under ‘‘fancy leopard gecko’’ i believe and the male was listed as ‘‘leopard gecko’’.i am pretty sure that the male is a banded normal as well based on your pictures of your leo.The female on the other hand no idea.Thank you so much for your help.Here are some better pictures.


Thank you so much for all the info! :blush: Sorry for the wait- I have a health thing that can sometimes make it hard to type. :keyboard:

So, I have to explain this kinda quickly, because I have a doctor’s appointment, so if I sound rude it’s because i’m in a hurry.

Firstly- I think they are beautiful, both of them! They are great finds!

However, rule of thumb is that no leos from big box pet stores can have their full morph genetics ever known without a ton of test breeding, which is impractical and I don’t recommend, due to the possibility of missing a gene. The breeders that mass-produce most big box pet store geckos don’t keep track of what genes are in their geckos, and they can even be het for multiple strains of albinism, so they are the worst possible source for breeders.

Since they have morph IDs that can never realistically be determined, it’s general practice to consider them ‘Pet Only.’ Any offspring would also be Pet Only. Pet Only basically means that they shouldn’t be bred, because any babies produced would be in the same boat- impossible to ID. Thus, any offspring would just add confusion to the hobby and possibly eventually lead to major breeding mishaps if any offspring are sold as anything other than pet only. If more explanation is needed, I’d start a separate thread so others can learn too. :wink:

Again, i’m a hurry, must be fast:

  • Carlos is a ‘Pet Only’ leo with a ‘Normal/Wildtype’ visual-only ID. He has a Banded pattern and does not appear to have any ocular mutations. Any hets would be unknown.
  • Evie is an ‘Albino’. Three strains strains of albinism (that are genetically different) exist. In order if decreasing popularity: Tremper, Bell, Rainwater. There is no way to reliably visually differentiate between the strains, so all you can say is ‘Albino, strain unknown.’ She also has a banded pattern and does not appear to have any visible ocular mutations. Since Tremper is most common, you could guess that she’s most likely Tremper, but no way to know without 3 seasons of test breeding. Her gets would also be unknown.

If you want to breed again- I’d get a pair of geckos from a reputable breeder with 100% known genetics. That way you will be able to fully ID the babies. But no need to discard Carlos & Evie- they look like wonderful little ones that must make great little lizard friends. :blush:


Oh, I forgot to say: welcome to the forum! If you haven’t already, and you have the time, you can make a post about yourself in the Introductions section. :blush:

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