Can i breed these 2 geckos and are they healthy?

I want to buy a pair of geckos and breed them. I found this pair.

This is the Female. Seller says it is a sunglow het tremper.

And this is the male. Seller says it is a super hypo.
Are the morphs true and can i breed them?

The female is an albino not het albino. Personally she doesn’t look like a sunglow to me as I consider them to be a bit brighter and she’s considered a hypo by the number of spots, not a super hypo or a carrot tail. it’s a bit more of a personal judgement though.

The male is a super hypo. You can tell by the lack of spots on his back.

You can breed them, but the question is would you be able to find homes for them. Most of the babies would look like a mix between mom and dad, but not albino. They would all be het albino from mom.
You might get some bright babies, you might get some super hypos, but they’re not guaranteed as both sunglow and super hypo are polygenic traits.


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Check this out:

Overall I mostly agree with what @armiyana said: the issue would be finding homes for the offspring as they would be Pet Quality. Because the seller incorrectly identified the morph of the first gecko (she is very obviously an albino, not het for albino), you cannot rely on the genetic background information they give you for either gecko. Thus you have no way of knowing the true morph genetics of any babies these geckos produce.

Since the genetic information given was obviously incorrect, all we can give you is a phenotypic description of visible morph. I would call the first gecko a Super Hypo Tremper. @armiyana is not wrong either- over time the definitions of Hypo and Super Hypo have gotten blurred a bit and are somewhat subjective. I would call the second gecko a Banded Super Hypo.

If I recall, a ‘Sunglow’ is just a orangey/bright Tremper. I don’t think I’d call her a Sunglow.

If you breed a Super Hypo Tremper Albino x Super Hypo, you would get all het Tremper babies that would look like Normals/Hypos/etc.

Though both geckos are cute, I would look for a different seller if you plan to breed. Geckos shouldn’t really be bred unless you know their genetic background.


Thanks for your answer. I will look for other geckos to breed.

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Thanks for your answer.

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The question is never can you breed them, any male/female of the same species can breed. It’s always SHOULD you? I appreciate anyone’s enthusiasm for this hobby but based on the questions you’re already asking I would recommend doing a significant amount of more research/knowledge and just keeping as pets for a while to get accustomed to there care before attempting to breed and be responsible for even more. Unfortunately rushing to just get animals to breed them is the biggest mistake most make, just because something isn’t difficult to do doesn’t mean it should be done.