Can I give 3 prey items in 1 day?

So my baby BP wont eat for the second time today. I gave my larger BP 2 rats (his and hers) earlier. Can I give him a third one tonight? He smells it and is out looking for it.

I know I shouldnt do this often but this once will it be ok? hate for the rat to go to waste,

No, definitely don’t do that. He already ate, let him digest


YOu think a much bigger ball python will eat a fuzzy?

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I don’t know if he will or not, but ball pythons are opportunistic feeders, and given that he has already been fed twice today, trying to feed him even more is a bad idea.


Yeah I get that but now I am talking about another larger BP that hasnt eaten today

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Seeing that there’s no minimum size limit I don’t see why not.

You can but I if you do I would recommend letting that snake digest it’s meal before feeding it again.


Well what I learned todays is that a snake will come looking for food, if it smells it, regardless how much they already ate lol

Thx everyone again


This is where it pays to have a garbage disposal, be it a snapping turtle or a colubrid with a faster metabolism! I’d say retic, but the buccaneers logo suggests florida!

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Or any type of monitor, LOL

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youre right no retics allowed here but I could catch a burmese python like an hour away :thinking:

happy to report the rat is gone after leaving in my yard over night. I definitely didn’t want to hurt my snake but I didnt want the poor rat’s life go for nothing so I feel better.

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Can you recommend a “garbage disposal” that could live in a 40 gallon tank as an adult? I have had turtles before but never a turlte that is almost entirely carnivorous

I will slightly buck the consensus here.

When feeding an animal, number of prey items can be somewhat fudged when you account for total mass consumed.

As examples: Would I feed a 700g male ball three medium rats? Never. Would I feed a 2500g female ball a dozen mice? Absolutely. Would I feed a 2.4m blackhead three large ReptiLinks, a dozen chicken hearts, and a score of smelt? Might happen once in a while now and then.

The total mass of food consumed consumed in each case is the determining factor.

Saying “3 prey items” is too loose of a criteria for us to be able to judge. If it is one small rat and two fuzzies going into a 1600+g animal, I do not see it as a problem. If it is three crawler rats going into a 300g animal, then we have an issue


Always on point as usual Travis


This was dumb question and I already knew the answer. But we were talking FT rat fuzzies with a 200gr snake.

I did get the snake to eat a live rat fuzzy this morning. She was going on 3 weeks since I got her from the breeder and she just ate for me for the first time.

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The total mass of the prey item(s) offered is likely a more relevant factor than the number of prey.


Do you have a dog or a cat? They get hungry too, for a treat.

Actually I have a large pitbull but I wouldn’t give a dog raw food unless that is their normal diet.

Sure dogs can take a raw diet if that is their normal diet. If you feed your dog bagged food then dont give that dog raw food.

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Being completely new to the snake life, in my research I have not come across people giving “treats” to their bp. My bp is also 200g eating ft rat fuzzys, so when you say treat do you mean like a mid week rat fuzzy or something smaller? I currently do 1 feeding a week but if I could give him a little extra every now and then and know it won’t be too much for him then that would be pretty cool!

I think he was saying my dog or cat would like a treat. Instead of tossing the rat I could give to a dog