Can someone help me identify! Please!

I have bought my very first ball python and I’m still trying to get the temperature down . But I’ve notice on the second day of owning her a small burn like mark or so I think “burn mark”. It is very tiny ! I’ve took out one of the wood declaration due to being to close to the heat lamp. Thinking that can be the cause of it. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY IF THIS IS A MINOR BURN MARK OR SKIN ROT??? and do I need to see a vet ?? Or will she heal on her own?




That lesion beneath looks very similar to a bite. This thread may have some information relevant to your situation. That’s definitely not a burn or heat related, though.

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This is not a burn and it does not look like scale-rot. I suspect this is just an abrasion of some type. Just keep an eye on it for the time being, if it gets worse then a visit to the vet is necessary.


I had a female get that same lesion once. Keep an eye on it and it should heal fine. I think it’s a rub from putting their chin on the tub.