Can you ID this?

I bought this pied as a baby in 2016 and was told it was a male.
I never planned to breed him but now i’m looking to possibly get a female. Before I do that I want to make sure “he” is in fact a male.
I tried popping and this is what started to come out. I didn’t pull on it or keep pressing before I found out what it is.

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I think that is sperm plugs, so I would say male

Not sperm plugs. BPs do not have those. Basically that is the skin buildup from where the hemipenes are stored. You can remove it as it is just dead skin cells and dirt. It is the BP equivalent to smegma.


Thanks. Does that confirm it’s a male or do females also produce that in smaller quantity?

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It is a male, yes. Generally speaking, a breeder is not going to sell a visual recessive female for the price of a male. Did you try and pop him again?

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I did try again but this time nothing came out and nothing popped.
I tried pressing down and rolling towards the vent…

Have you ever successfully popped a snake before? It can be tricky to do, especially on an adult animal.

First time trying.