Cancer Clues found in Gene behind "Lemon Frost" Gecko Color

I thought people might find this interesting


Thank you! It was a great read and very interesting. They used the genetic sequencing to determine the genes. Is this the same thing that you had mentioned for a ball python DNA library? In leopard geckos this would just need done for every morph (which would be easier already) and then DNA testing to determine morphs would be possible? This seems like something @mblaney would be interested in since it proves that the cancer and lemon frost phenotype are both controlled by the same gene (the same thing as spider wobble related to phenotype, you can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other).


OMG this is so cool! :star_struck: :nerd_face: :heart_eyes:

I’ll definitely have to check this out when my brain is less fried (it’s 93℉/34℃ right now and this weekend it’s supposed to reach 113℉/45℃, and most people in my area don’t have air conditioning). Thank you so much for sharing!!


Yes, exactly! They compared the genome of the Lemon Frost Geckos with the genome of a standard WT leopard gecko in order to identify which gene was causative. Given that they’ve already made it this far, it paves the way for them to sequence the other morphs and compare them to the reference


I feel you…just checked the local forcast and if these temperatures they are predicting are accurate I think I might not get any decent sleep or anything until at least the 1st lil bit of July assuming it cools down. I have an AC in my room but I cannot install it since I don’t have the means to board up the window to keep the cold air in the room.

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Thanks for the link.
Great science!

Got recommended an article on the lemon frost morph by Google.
I personally consider lemon frost to be a junk morph due to the cancer, but it looks like they do have a use in medical science. And who knows, maybe with more research we’ll be able to produce animals that don’t grow tumors.