Cant believe i found this

Whike lookimg through MorphMarket i managed to find a reverse okeetee for £5 so i decided to buy her and try to produce some more in the future when i find a male


Nice find! :clap: Looks like a nice snake.


Honest opinions…
Something about using rescued reptiles as breeders always feels a bit icky to me. Especially when they’re being sold off for so little. But I guess if they need her gone then anything goes.

Hopefully the lumps were indeed just fatty tissue from obesity and she’ll do well for you.


From the pictures ive seen she seems completely fine with her body weight. The main reasons shes being sold.for so little is because they couldnt get her to lock with a male so they decided to sell it since it wasnt needed i guess?


Well yes, but not all fatty tumors go away once an animal is back to a good weight. And there’s no way to know if it affected her internally.

Regardless, it’s still an animal that was taken in as an unhealthy rescue initially and once the person couldn’t get her to breed afterwards she’s being sold off on the cheap…where you’re planning to get her to breed.

Be careful with amazing deals. You may not really know what will happen. I’d still make sure to get her properly quarantined and vet checked


Ill make sure to get her checked over by a vet first but even if she isnt able to breed shes still a very pretty snake and ane id like to have in my collection