Chances of follicle absorption once quarter sized?

I have a ball python that paired up readily early in the season. Witnessed about 4 definite locks. She seems to have lost interest in breeding at around the same time that I was able to feel follicles developing. Her follicles are still growing and are around the size of a quarter, but she still doesn’t seem receptive.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Should I just count her out for this year? Might she just ovulate fertile eggs from the early pairings? Should I keep trying to get her to pair up every few weeks until they reabsorb or ovy?

Thanks for your collective wisdom!

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I would continue pairing, no harm done if you do. She’s either already made up her mind or she will continue building, if you don’t notice any locks over the next few weeks then she maybe be ready to go into ovulation. It’s so hard to tell without an ultra sound but again no harm done if you continue to pair. I personally would double up on the amount of time the male is with the female, if he’s eating still then let him do his thing. 3-4 days on and a few days off.

Also to answer your question this has happened to me 100 times over and generally ends with a clutch of eggs. I just continued to add a male, continued to try and feed the female and hoped for the best! Try feeding her a live small rat if you have one available, not only will it help with follicle growth but it may entice her a little more to be receptive of the male. Good temps/humidity, lots of food, and the scent of a male is key! I hope this helps!


Yes, my Stitch was ultrasound in April with 10mm follicles, she was paired several times since last November. I put a Male in and nothing. She refused. I kept feeling follicles getting bigger, kept trying to pair, no luck, she refused every time. He wasn’t interested in her either. May we ultrasound again with 27mm follicles. July 4the she ovulated, we will cut the 11 eggs on October 14th.

Update: She never locked up again, but looks like she is going to go. Finally just switched to hot this week, and her belly is going pink for her pre-lay shed. The eggs are small and soft, but with light palpation I can feel at least 4 of them. I felt 6 follicles, so I may just be missing a couple that are hard to feel just yet.

Grats!! Even with an ultrasound we missed 3 follicles. She ultrasound 9 follicles played 11 eggs